Chiefs players United on Heritage Day
Chiefs players United on Heritage Day

Posted in Features, News on Sep 24, 2020.

“It’s a day to reflect on where we all come from as South Africans,” Ramahlwe Mphahlele says about Heritage Day. “It’s about preserving our culture and about being united as a country in our diversity.”

Kaizer Chiefs’ defender adds that, “we have several tribes in South Africa. The Sotho alone are split in Northern, Southern and Western Sotho. For example, I am Northern Sotho (Pedi).

“We have the Nguni group (Xhosa, Zulu, Swati and Ndebele), Venda, Tsonga… and we have white, coloured, Indian peoples.  When I was on the road yesterday, I watched the people stepping in and out of taxis. I saw this wide variety of traditional clothes. How beautiful it is!

“We should never forget our culture, especially in light of all that has been happening of late. Heritage Day is a great reminder of our togetherness as a country, while not forgetting our roots and keeping our different cultures alive.

“Our diversity is the beauty of South Africa.”

Mphahlele’s words are backed up by Mulomowandau Mathoho.

“It is an important day for all South Africans,” the tall defender comments on Heritage Day, “to appreciate each other and reflect on the diverse cultures that make up our beautiful country.

“It is a day where every South African gets to celebrate their culture with one another. It is our diversity that makes us special. It is a day where we should, as a nation, honour our past and reflect on where we are heading to as a nation whilst respecting each other.”

Fellow defender Kgotso Moleko feels that “it is a day to celebrate who you are and where you come from. It is a very important day for all of us, as it helps us understand our roots. We should all honour and celebrate Heritage Day.”

The Glamour Boys will resume training today, Heritage Day. However, that won’t stop Mphahlele, Mathoho and Moleko to make time to be with the family and friends after training.

“I like spending time with my family and have a meal together,” Mathoho says. “I know a lot of people like to braai on Heritage Day. But for me and my family, it is about preparing and enjoying traditional food. We will have various types of pap and mogodu.”

Spending Heritage Day with his parents is what Moleko enjoys most. “They are the ones who brought us, as children, into this life. They share their lives with me, help me understand who I am, how I should live my life and, also, to be grateful for who I am.”

“I will be with some friends and the family after training,” Mphahlele comments. “We will have a braai and just take it easy.”

Moleko has a powerful message for the Amakhosi supporters. “We must create harmony and love. We must be proud of where we come from, we must be thankful for whatever we have in life and we must embrace whatever blessings we have. And, most importantly, we must love ourselves.”


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