It’s exciting to have Kaizer Chiefs in town
It’s exciting to have Kaizer Chiefs in town

Posted in Chiefs in the community, Features, News on Mar 06, 2020.

Mzoxolo Rafani is excited about the return of Kaizer Chiefs for the second year running to Addo Valley, which is about an hour’s drive from Port Elizabeth.

The striker was last year selected as the Player of the Tournament of the San Miguel and Kaizer Chiefs Soccer Community Project.

Rafani joined Free State Stars at the beginning of this season, but he was released in January as he was struggling with a knee injury.

“I was blessed to be nominated last year as the tournament’s best player by the Kaizer Chiefs coaches,” he reflects. As a result, Rafani instantly became a well-known personality in the community.

However, the attacker doesn’t seem to have changed much. Despite the heat in Addo, Rafani attended both sessions on Tuesday – the one in the morning and the one in the afternoon.

“I want to be ready for Saturday,” he explains.

This year’s tournament will take place on Saturday, 7 March.

Like the 2019 edition, eight teams will participate in this year’s community project. These are also the teams that will participate in Saturday’s tournament.


Meanwhile, a four-day soccer clinics programme kicked off on Monday, mostly for employees that work for various companies associated with San Miguel in Addo Valley. They are conducted by the head of Kaizer Chiefs’ Scouting Department, Walter Steenbok, who is assisted by Ace Khuse and fitness coach, Jamie Schultz.


San Miguel is a multinational citrus company that is based in Addo.

The San Miguel and Kaizer Chiefs Soccer Community Project started last year.

Rafani’s team, Venco won the 2019 tournament. He’s optimistic about his side’s chances to compete for the trophy again. “We are actually stronger than last year,” the striker claims with a broad smile on his face.

He’s not only thrilled about Amakhosi’s return to Addo, but Rafani is exuberant to see the presence of Chiefs legend Ace Khuse.

“It’s blessing to be coached by Ace,” Rafani adds. “He’s so humble and he teaches us a lot, especially when it comes to the shifting of the players on the pitch. Ace let is understand very well what he wants from us. It shows that you never stop learning in soccer.”


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