Five Glamour Girls celebrate Women’s Month
Five Glamour Girls celebrate Women’s Month

Posted in Features, News on Aug 25, 2017.

Last week, our Marketing Director, Jessica Motaung, spoke about Things you didn’t know about her to support Women’s Month and to celebrate the women working at Kaizer Chiefs. Today, we introduce five Glamour Girls, who work at Chiefs Village in various capacities. They will tell you who they are, mention two things you didn’t know about them and explain, in their own words, the meaning of Women’s Month.

  • Tracy Williams

Job: I am the Supporters Relations Manager. My main concern is the supporters and the supporters club. I look after the supporters’ database and I continuously interact with the supporters. I am also involved with KC Retail.

Things you didn’t know 1: I am extremely well-travelled, especially in Africa. That’s because I worked in the past for SAA, where I was first involved with the training and development department. Later on, I was more involved with the marketing side and, for example, started the voyager loyalty programme.

Things you didn’t know 2: I love opera, because it talks to my soul and it moves me deeply. Opera is about story-telling through music.

The meaning of Women’s Month: To commemorate and remember the important role women played in the struggle and how we stood together to make our voices count. We need to be reminded that women can make a difference, that our opinions count, we have a voice and in unison we are a force.


  • Thuli Sibisi

 Job: I manage the KC DigiStore, through which people can order our Kaizer Chiefs merchandise online. I take care that the orders are packed correctly, like a jersey, and that they are couriered to the correct address. I also assist with KC Retail on matchdays at the stadium.

Things you didn’t know 1: I absolutely love swimming. I am also a swimming instructor to help children swim from the age of three.

Things you didn’t know 2: I love listening music, especially soul with Rachelle Ferrell being my big favourite.

The meaning of Women’s Month: It takes me back to women’s abuse. If only men could stop doing this. Women’s Month is related to how women should be treated.


  • Dara Carroll –

 Job: I am the Brand Manager and therefore responsible for driving a brand strategy for everything that has to do with Kaizer Chiefs. I also manage the (home) game events and am otherwise involved in a variety of aspects at the Chiefs Village.

Things you didn’t know 1: I used to be the manager of South Africa’s first national women’s team and was also there when they played their first international match in 1993.

Things you didn’t know 2: I love travelling and playing scrabble, enjoying to make up words. I also like reading about history, which fascinates me. I know all kinds of history details, like the year of the French revolution.

The meaning of Women’s Month: I am glad that there is a day and a month for women, to acknowledge the strength of women and to remember how important women are. I am happy the role of women is being acknowledged.


  • Mpho Selamolela

Job: I am the supervisor of the High Performance Centre (HPC) at Chiefs Village. I craft health and fitness programmes for the staff at Kaizer Chiefs and monitor their progress as well. I also regularly help out the players with their recovery when coming back from an injury, even if I don’t develop the programmes. Furthermore, I plan the schedule for the use of the gym and look after the maintenance.

Things you didn’t know 1: I used to act in primary school, even winning an award once. I loved to be an actress. However, I stopped doing it at high school.

Things you didn’t know 2: I was a super fan of the Brazilian national team, called Seleçao, especially from about 2002, when I was in Grade 6, until the World Cup in South Africa. I knew about Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Gilberto Silva and so on. It was actually scary, but I really admired those guys.

The meaning of Women’s Month: It’s a celebration of women. It’s also a time to look back at the women who paved the way for us in the past – we have to continue that legacy and uplift each other. It’s also about celebrating yourself and being happy about who we are.

  • Nonceba Bewana

Job: I look after the Chairman, Kaizer Motaung. I take care that he gets his tea, his lunch and I will also look after his office and the Chairman’s Boardroom, cleaning it regularly.

Things you didn’t know 1: I loved to play netball at the Mbekweni High School in the Eastern Cape. I played either as a centre or left wing.

Things you didn’t know 2: My big passion is singing. I am a member of the Mother’s Union at the Anglican Church in Vlakfontein. We gather on Thursdays, to pray for everybody.

The meaning of Women’s Month: It’s all about the Women’s March in 1956 to protest in Pretoria against the dompas, a pass that non-whites had to carry to get to white areas. They said, “enough is enough, we are not carrying a dompas anymore. These days women of all races are, for example, minister and sitting in parliament. This means that we are valuable as women, we are very important.


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