Glamour Boys give their World Cup predictions
Glamour Boys give their World Cup predictions

Posted in Features, News on Jun 15, 2018.

The 2018 World Cup kicked off yesterday as host nation Russia earned the best possible start with a thumping 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia. Bernard Parker is among four Glamour Boys who offer their predictions for the global showpiece.

Which country will surprise us all?

Daniel Cardoso: France will be brilliant. They have some fantastic players, including Paul Pogba. They are also very strong up-front with Antoine Griezmann and Olivier Giroud, who is a great striker and who will surprise a lot of people at the World Cup.    

Bernard Parker: Belgium, because of the quality of their players, like Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne, Dries Martens, Vincent Kompany and Romelu Lukaku. 

Ryan Moon: Belgium, for sure. They already had a competitive side at the previous World Cup, but they lacked experience at the time. That’s now sorted. They have a really good side. 

George Maluleka: Belgium. They have a relatively young squad with some fantastic players. And not only that, they look like a team and that collective is needed to progress far at a World Cup. 

Which African country will you support?

Cardoso: Egypt. Their striker, Mohamed Salah has been phenomenal for Liverpool and, if fully fit again, will help his side to go past the group stage.

Parker: Nigeria. They have a young squad full of talent. They will enter the World Cup fearlessly as they have a point to prove. 

Moon: I go with Nigeria. I first opted for Egypt, but it doesn’t look as if Mohamed Salah will be fit enough to really star for his country. That’s why I go for the Super Eagles. Virtually their whole squad plays in Europe, so they are used to playing on a highly competitive level. That will help them.

Maluleka: That will be Senegal. They are the ones who knocked us out during qualifying for the World Cup – it was either them or us. The Lions of Taranga will do Africa proud.

Who of the players will surprise us?

Cardoso: Paul Pogba might not have had a good season with Manchester United, but he will show his worth at this World Cup. The Frenchman is a fantastic player.

Parker: Paulo Dybala will excel and he will catch the eye of the big teams. 

Moon: England’s Raheem Sterling. A lot of people are against him and that will motivate him to shine at the World Cup.

Maluleka: Everybody expects that Ronaldo and Messi will be dazzling at the World Cup, but I foresee that two players will surprise us – Eden Hazard and Sadio Mané. They will both shine and this is going to be their World Cup. 

Who will be the two finalists?

Cardoso: I see a repeat of the 1998 World Cup with France and Brazil fighting it out in the final.

Parker: Two South American teams, Brazil against Argentina.

Moon: I would love to see England play Brazil in the final, but I think it will rather be Germany against Brazil.

Maluleka: Belgium will face either Brazil or Germany in the final.

Who will win the World Cup?

Cardoso: Brazil will win, although Germany and Spain shouldn’t be overlooked as candidates either. 

Parker: I will go for Brazil. Their coach Tite has changed things around and they have been winning convincingly in recent times. As a result, their confidence is high. 

Moon: England, Brazil and Belgium are my choice of three countries capable of winning this World Cup.

Maluleka: I put my money on Belgium.


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