Glamour Boys join Toyota’s Family Day
Glamour Boys join Toyota’s Family Day

Posted in Features, News on Dec 03, 2017.

Kaizer Chiefs players arrived at Bedfordview’s Jeppe Quandrum Sports Club on Saturday morning, where they encountered a cheering crowd of families gathered to enjoy the Toyota Family Day event.

“Toyota Family Day is all about rewarding and thanking our employees for their hard work,” commented Reche van Niekerk, Toyota SA’s Senior Manager of Sponsorships and Promotions. “It’s not only about the employees. We are also thanking their families for supporting their spouses.”

The crowd got into a state of rapture as the Amakhosi players ascended the stage to be introduced, the decibels rose even higher when the individual players were mentioned.

“Hi everyone, I’m Siphiwe Tshabalala, a Kaizer Chiefs player,” Shabba greeted the pack. “We love you and we are here to show support and we wish you a wonderful time as families. We are happy to be here and to see so many families gathered here in the spirit of Love & Peace, which defines who we are as Amakhosi. We are all about the family. Thank you for having us here, we are humbled and grateful to be invited.”

“Our partnership with Chiefs is growing,” Toyota’s Van Niekerk added. “It has opened an opportunity to reach new potential clients. And many of our staff and clients follow Chiefs, so that makes this a win-win partnership. It’s exciting to have Chiefs here. As you can see everyone is happy and it is great to see how the players mingle with our employees.”

Lucy is the spouse of Napoleon Mawela, a Toyota employee from Alexandra, working at one of the dealerships.

“We are happy to be afforded this opportunity to have fun as families,” Lucy said, before adding excitedly, “To have Chiefs here is one huge Christmas present for us. We always see these players at the stadium or on TV, but to be so close to them and to be able to even talk to them, that is something out of this world.”

Lucy shared words of support for the Glamour Boys, “The guys must not give up. They must just remember that a soccer season is a like a day in your life – it’s never the same. However, we will soon get back to our conquering status.”

Gustavo Páez was overwhelmed by the love the families shared with the team. “To see the people so happy, that means a lot to us as players,” the Chiefs marksman remarked.

“We always appreciate the support and the kind of love we got here today. This will motivate us to take our game to the next level. We are happy to see the families coming together. I wish everyone a wonderful festive season. We still have three games to play before Christmas. We thus wish to see families coming in droves to the stadium and we will do our best to reward them with wins.”

The day was filled with families sharing fun times with the players. Pictures were taken randomly and at a photo boot that was set up.

The families queued patiently for their turn to have the players sign autographs and to take a selfie with their favourite Glamour Boys. A select few were drawn from a raffle conducted by the players, which gave the lucky ones an opportunity to try to score a penalty with Brilliant Khuzwayo standing between the makeshift goalposts.

It was an awesome Family Day and it will be remembered for a long time.


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