Glamour Boys join the world in marking World Aids Day
Glamour Boys join the world in marking World Aids Day

Posted in Features, News on Dec 01, 2018.

The Glamour Boys join the rest of the globe in commemorating World Aids Day today, which has been celebrated since 1988.

World Aids Day is dedicated to supporting those who are affected by or living with the disease and to remember those who have lost their lives to Aids-related illnesses.

The theme for this year is ‘know your status’, which aims to encourage everyone to go for regular testing and screening.

Kaizer Chiefs team doctor, Dr Aadil Bodhania gives the following message and advice on this day:

“HIV is not a death sentence, it is treated as a chronic manageable condition, but can cause major complications if not treated appropriately.”


The essential theme being, ‘know your status’ we encourage those living with the diseases to:

*practice safe sex

*avoid promiscuity

*get tested for other sexually transmitted diseases

*prevent infections

*follow doctors’ orders regarding medication and testing

*avoid drugs and alcohol

*quit smoking

*exercise mind and body

*follow a healthy eating plan


The best way to prevent the diseases:

*know your & your partner's status

*practice safe sex

*limit the number of sexual partners

*consider medication if in high risk sexual relationship pre-exposure prophylaxis

*test and be treated for STD's

*male circumcision

“We all need to work together to break the stigma surrounding the disease,” Dr Bodhania continues.

“We all need to understand that HIV not only affects the health of an individual, but impacts households, communities and the development and economic growth of nations.

“Testing and treatment of HIV has become much more accessible to the public, so we encourage everybody to have themselves tested.”


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