Kaizer Chiefs do good in Addo
Kaizer Chiefs do good in Addo

Posted in Features, News on Mar 03, 2020.

“The guys had a good understanding of what we wanted to do, and I liked the discipline, the commitment and the effort they put in.”

That’s how Ace Khuse reacted after the first training session on Monday about this year’s soccer community project of Kaizer Chiefs and San Miguel in Addo Valley, just outside Port Elizabeth.

The aim of the project is for the club to impart some of the knowledge and skills to the people of the area through soccer clinics.

The four-day soccer clinics, mostly for employees that work for various companies associated with San Miguel in Addo Valley, started on Monday morning, 2 March 2020. They are conducted by the head of Kaizer Chiefs’ Scouting Department, Walter Steenbok, who is assisted by Khuse and fitness coach, Jamie Schultz.

San Miguel is a multinational citrus company that is based in Addo. With headquarters in Argentina, they are leaders in the production, distribution and sale of fresh fruit and food products derived from citrus in the South Hemisphere.

San Miguel South Africa has been running a soccer community project, for their employees, ahead of the annual picking season since 2012.


“The cooperation with Kaizer Chiefs started last year and they took it to a different level compared to the previous years,” comments San Miguel’s Marketing, Communication and CSR officer, Armand van der Merwe.

“The club has a massive following in the Addo Valley area, and we are happy that Chiefs and San Miguel are working together again on this year’s community project. It’s all about creating an opportunity for youngsters in the area.”

Eight teams will participate in this year’s community project, seven of them are from companies that work with San Miguel in Addo Valley – four sides will follow a training programme in the morning, while the other four teams will have their sessions in the late afternoon.


The San Miguel and Kaizer Chiefs Soccer Community Project will end up in a tournament that will take place on Saturday, 7 March.

There will also be a CSI activation on Friday, 6 March, when Amakhosi and San Miguel will visit two High Schools in the area.

There will furthermore be two soccer clinics held during the week, one for talents under the age of 15 and another for Under-17s.

“It’s not every day that these guys get into direct contact with Kaizer Chiefs,” adds Khuse. “You can clearly see that this interaction is making them happy.

“It also gives them confidence and feeling respected, because Chiefs come here to train them. It makes them feel honoured and wanted. It feels great to be involved in this soccer community project. It’s nice to help bring a smile on peoples’ faces.”


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