Kaizer Chiefs Wishes Students Good Luck in Final Year Exams
Kaizer Chiefs Wishes Students Good Luck in Final Year Exams

Posted in Features, News on Nov 02, 2023.

With the final-year exams starting this week for Grade 12s around the country, and as the end of the year exams approach for those between Grades 1 and 11, many students across the country are feeling the pressure and anticipation of this crucial period.

We, as Kaizer Chiefs, would like to take a moment to share our support for all students, and encourage them to stay determined and focused during this important time of the year. We extend our good luck wishes to all students set to take their final year exams in schools, private institutions and tertiary level.

Education is extremely important, as it plays an crucial role in shaping an individual’s future. As a sporting institution, Kaizer Chiefs seeks to inspire and motivate students to give their best in their exams. We also understand that preparation, determination, and hard work are key ingredients for success, both on and off the field, as well as in the classroom.

“With the many distractions that we have, we acknowledge that preparing for exams can be challenging. However, it's important to remember that success is achievable through focus, dedication and hard work. By managing time effectively, studying and revising consistently, and maintaining a positive mindset, students will have a solid foundation for their exams,” says Kaizer Chiefs Marketing and Commercial Director, Jessica Motaung.

We also call on parents and family members to give support to our learners and motivate them to work hard during the next few weeks. Students need to learn to minimise time spent watching television, on the phone, social media and going out, until the exams are done.

Motaung concluded with these words of sage advice to the Grade 12 Class of 2023: “During this crucial period of your academic journey, Kaizer Chiefs wishes the matric class of 2023 the best of luck in their final year exams. Look back on the last 12 years of school with pride, embrace the challenges, believe in yourselves, and stay focused on your goals. Remember, success doesn't come without hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Celebrate your accomplishments and know that your family and your loved ones stand behind you, supporting your educational pursuits with enthusiasm. Good luck and may your efforts flourish into a bright future!”

We would also like to wish all our Amakhosi junior teams’ players the best of luck in their final year examinations. We hope they use this break from football effectively by focusing on their studies. We hope they all do well and get promoted to the next grade and we look forward to seeing them back at the Village next year.

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