Let’s celebrate our diversity – Jessica Motaung
Let’s celebrate our diversity – Jessica Motaung

Posted in Features, News on Sep 24, 2017.

Today, 24 September, is Heritage Day, a day to celebrate where we come from and to show appreciation for all South Africans who have contributed to where the country is now. It also recognises and celebrates the cultural wealth of our nation - it’s a day to revel in the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up South Africa’s population.

The first Heritage Day was celebrated in 1995, after the first free and democratic elections held in South Africa that brought the end to apartheid and heralding the start of a new, non-racially based democracy.

President Nelson Mandela said that Heritage Day would help South Africans to use their “rich and varied cultural heritage” to “build our new nation”.

“Heritage Day is a singular opportunity to celebrate South Africa’s cultural heritage,” says Kaizer Chiefs Marketing Director, Jessica Motaung. “It’s also to celebrate our diversity and still be one as a Nation. We have come a long way in South Africa, as it’s only 23 years ago that we finally got rid of racial oppression. We must celebrate the leaders and other South Africans who helped us get to where we are now.

“For me, it is also a day to stand still by the rich heritage of Kaizer Chiefs, which was formed on 7 January 1970. Of course, our Chairman, Kaizer Motaung started our club and he is still with us to lead us to even greater heights. However, we should also not forget all those players, officials, friends and, above all, supporters who have made Kaizer Chiefs into the club it is today.

“As Chiefs we celebrate diversity,” continues Motaung. “Over the years, we have had players and officials from different backgrounds and cultures. The same holds true for our supporters, who represent the beautiful diversity of South Africa. Together we are one, independent of our cultural backgrounds. Let’s celebrate Heritage Day, a day that’s about showing respect to each other. Love & Peace!”


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