Your lunch can be a KC Supporter
Your lunch can be a KC Supporter

Posted in Features, News on Sep 15, 2018.

Tupperware is a global enterprise that sells, you guessed it, Tupperware.  A product associated with superior quality and durability since 1940. The reusable nature of Tupperware means that the plastics footprint on the environment is lessened. You don’t need to use a plastic wrap or disposable containers if you have Tupperware. The lid also seals tightly to keep anything you store in it fresher for longer, which means that you waste less food and your lunch will be as fresh as when you packed it.

Now, for the first time ever, Tupperware has produced a lunch set with the KC logo, so that even your lunch can be a supporter! The rounded corners of the lunch box lend an elegant look and the high quality plastic is smooth to the touch.

It’s really a great quality product. So get yours while stock lasts at only R229 for the lunch set – a lunch box and a matching water bottle.

Tupperware is only sold via direct channels. To find you closest agent, please go to and click on the ‘How to Buy’ button and then on ‘Find a Distributor’.

The direct selling model adopted by Tupperware empowers a large number of South Africans (mostly women) by giving them a meaningful way of earning an income.

The Tupperware company engages a lot in corporate citizenship by giving back to the community. There is a volunteer programme in which volunteers receive leadership, teambuilding and other skills development.

Tupperware is in South Africa actively involved in the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Africa. This initiative offers after school programmes that are based around the interests and needs of the members. The main focus is to improve the academic success of their members, ensure they live a healthy lifestyle and promote good character and citizenship qualities while building self-esteem and self-worth. They hope to keep these children off the streets and away from drugs, gang-related activities and other deviant behaviour that plague the children of our country today.



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