My Ten: 10 things you should know about Willard Katsande
My Ten: 10 things you should know about Willard Katsande

Posted in Features, News on Mar 22, 2017.

Willard is named after former Highlanders midfielder Willard Khumalo, who also played for the Zimbabwean national team.

Willard was born in Mutoko. There is no electricity in the town.

While growing up, Willard’s favourite soccer player was Benjamin Nkonjera, who played for Highlanders.

As a youngster, he often went snake hunting with some of his friends. One day, however, there was a huge python in the chicken cage at his family’s home. “We tried to kill it, but it was too big,” he remembers.

His nephew Kelvin, the son of his older sister, was born in 1999. Since then, Willard has been looking after him. “It was not easy in the beginning,” he admits, “as I was still playing junior soccer at the time.”

He can cook a mean Zimbabwean meal - it’s a combination of pap, beef chew and vegetables.

Willard loves to have his head hairless, being bold. He shaves it himself in front of the mirror.

Before the team goes to the stadium to play a game, Willard does a little prayer at the hotel, asking guidance for the team and himself. After arriving in the dressing room, he plays songs from the Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi.

Willard likes to dress in style. His favourite clothing brand is Burberry.
And, besides the clothing, to be to be a real Glamour Boy one needs to smell good. Willard’s favourite cologne is Ermenegildo Zegna.

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