Things you didn’t know about Jessica Motaung
Things you didn’t know about Jessica Motaung

Posted in Features, News on Aug 21, 2017.

Especially for Women’s Month, we will highlight a few interesting things about special women, starting with Kaizer Chiefs’ Marketing Director, Jessica Motaung.

  • Jessica never had to look far to find role models. They are her parents – her father, Kaizer Chiefs’ founder and Chairman, Kaizer Motaung, and her mother, Julegka. “I have the privilege to be around people who are inspirational and motivational. My father started a business and built a massive brand and my mother is an exceptionally strong woman and a person of substance. She has kept our family together and united. She has created a home for all of us.”


  • Jessica is a huge fan of Oprah Winfrey, “I love her, I love her, I love her.” This exemplary African-American “reminds us to stay true to ourselves, to be connected and to know that all other things will follow. Also, to live a life with a conscience, clear intentions and purpose and, importantly, to give back. Oprah also encourages people to read and educate themselves.”


  • Jessica hosted the television programme ‘Speak Out’ on SABC 1 in 1998. “I enjoyed hosting the TV show. I loved it, as it also allowed me to connect with ordinary people on the ground. Besides that, it gave me an opportunity to mix with business people and get involved in the production side of things. I learnt so much. One of the most thought-provoking stories I did was about the initiation, induction and circumcision of young boys in the Eastern Cape. Many lose their lives. I met some great people on the ground who, while maintaining the tradition, helped to educate the locals about the health factor.”


  • Coming from a passionate sports family, Jessica participated in a variety of sports during high school. She played hockey, netball, tennis (winning the doubles with her partner), athletics (running, but also the long jump) and a bit of swimming. She was even the captain of some teams. These days, she enjoys playing golf. And, since one of her sons, Kenneth, plays basketball, she has installed a hoop at home. “It means that I now play basketball as well.”


  • Jessica started following Kaizer Chiefs’ first team closely from the mid-eighties, but she finds it difficult to single out her favourite Glamour Boy during her youth. “It was inspiring to be around a generation of many great players that won so many trophies. It was always such an honour to see Ace Ntsoelengoe. He was not only a brilliant player, but also such a humble and pleasant person. Others included Howard Freese (who was very handsome), Scara Thindwa, Trevor ‘KKK’ Mthimkhulu, Chippa Molatedi, Doctor Khumalo and Teenage Dladla (a wonderful and soft-spoken man).”


  • She’s also a keen follower of other sports. “My brother, Kaizer, played cricket, so I follow that a lot and, as a South African, rugby is part of our culture. I also love following big tournaments such as the Athletics World Championships or the Olympics.”


  • Jessica loves listening to music, including R&B, hip-hop, jazz and classics. “Music is part of my life, because I used to be involved in the music business, which included organising musical events. For me, the alignment between sport and music is also evident. Music has been part of the fun times of my life. I have a very musical son, Donald, which means that music continues to be a part of my life.”


  • She is an avid reader of books. “I love to read. I have a library at home, which is one of my favourite places to sit and relax. I have many books about all kinds of topics. There are business books, a global section (to learn about other countries and cultures), a lot of self-help, psychological and motivational stuff as well as books about Asia from different authors.”


  • “I grew up with dogs running around,” Jessica explains her love for pets, especially dogs. “We have two lovely dogs, Hamilton, a Golden Retriever, and Amber, who is a King Charles Spaniel. They are both well-bred dogs. Hamilton is very special, he is almost human! One of my sons, Donald, loves cats. So we have two dogs and a few cats.”


  • Jessica loves to travel. “I have been to so many places, including in the US and Europe. Some of my favourite destinations include the sea and I enjoyed some beach holidays recently. A country I haven’t been to, but would like to visit, is Japan. That would be a great experience. Japan is certainly one of the next places I have to go to.”


  • Cooking is something else Jessica likes to do. She even has a vegetable garden at her home from which she makes fresh and organic juice which is nutrient-rich while easy to consume and digest. “My gravy or sauce is just fabulous. I have a signature-gravy, which is neither hot nor sweet. It’s just so mmm... I can also do a nice stir-fry and for entertaining I prepare an excellent cheese platter. I really would like to do more cooking and to experience with even more recipes.


  • Jessica is in the public eye a great deal and that’s why she enjoys being at home, just to relax. She is a rather funny person, who loves to crack a joke and to not always take life too seriously. “I am from a family of pranksters, so I have that as well.” To conclude, she says, “I am a very simple person, who enjoys a simple life.”



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