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Acer Launch – Vodaworld

11 July 2001

Today marks yet another history moment in the history of Kaizer Chiefs.

As we embark on the process of globalize brand, which I believe is one of the biggest brands in the country, it became very clear that since we live in the era of technology, it is imperative that we engage a partner that specialises in this field.

In this regard it gives me great pleasure to announce our partnership with Acer, we couldn’t have chosen a better partner on behalf of Kaizer Chiefs I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Acer into our stable and congratulate them for having had the foresight in taking this step, we are greatly honored to be associated with them.

In the past commercial relationships that kaizer chiefs have entered into and launched have been predominately for the benefit of the club.

Today the relationship with Acer will have far reaching consequences and will enable Kaizer Chiefs to be the conduit for the betterment of many lives.

There is a great need to computer literacy in this country and through the Chiefs supporters branches we have an ideal base from which to take technology to the community. This is another way of giving something back to the supporters who have been such loyal followers over the years.

Whilst education might have improved and the youth of today grow up with a natural flair for technology, there is a huge gap between the computer literate and illiterate.

We hope to close this gap by enabling those to whom computer technology has been both financially and geographically out of bounds.

On the other hand some of our supporters – that is eighty thousand odd Kaizer Chiefs website visitors – are used to surfing the net we also look forward to influencing them into being as loyal as our supporters have always been to our partners and thereby help Acer achieve some of its business objectives.

This partnership will also enhance the quality of our players in terms of crossing the digital divide.

It is indeed gratifying that in this soccer industry we are pioneers once more in another new innovation.

The partnership will be mutually beneficial to both parties and I once more take this opportunity to thank Acer and wish the partnership all the success.

I thank you

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