Amakhosi star performer - Nzama
Amakhosi star performer - Nzama

Posted in News on Apr 06, 2001.

Leaving Kaizer Chiefs for Umtata almost five years ago was not a pleasant experience for defender Cyril Nzama but he says the move was necessary for him to finally establish himself in the local scene.

Nzama is now back in the famous black and gold jersey and Nzama says he will do any thing it takes for him to stay at Naturena.

Nzama had just completed the morning training session and as he walked up the stairs from the field he remembers the appointment we had for an interview. Along with him was Jacob Tshisevhe who was still talking about the training.

We exchange greetings and Tshisevhe jokingly tells Nzama, "You must talk about me. Tell him I am the one who brought you here and that I am your role model". There was no question about the nature of the relationship between the two. They are best of friends on and off the field.

Nzama's return to Amakhosi was almost ruined as he spent six weeks in the treatment room with a strained left ankle injury. But once the injury was out of the way Nzama had never looked back.

"Look at it this way, when I left Chiefs the competition was tough and I don't think I was ready for the challenges of playing for a big club like Chiefs at that time. But it was a blessing in disguise because here am I now fully matured and experienced. The return to Kaizer Chiefs is like a second chance for me," says Nzama.

Nzama is not only defending goals but occasionally he puts them in the net, a rare feat for defenders. "The coaching staff has motivated me a great deal and with discipline and hard work I can only get better. The coach has also given me the freedom of expression."

The freedom of expression Nzama is talking about is the freedom of movement on the field to exploit spaces in the opposition defence. "My role is to defend goals and scoring goals is only a bonus for a defender," he says with a smile.

But that is not without challenges and pressures. Nzama has, nevertheless managed to hold his fort an excelled under the circumstances. "Every team wants to beat Chiefs and this puts pressure us as defender to stop goals. Most of the opposition teams don't need any motivation when playing against us and this means we always have to be at our best."

Nzama, who started his playing career at Pimville Hotspurs, has also impressed the national selectors and is now becoming a regular member of Bafana Bafana but he emphasises the importance of staying focused.

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