Blowing their own horn!
Blowing their own horn!

Posted in News on Aug 14, 2002.

Kaizer Chiefs would like to record that at the time we reacted to an article in the Sowetan, the newspaper had their facts wrong.

"Who was right about Shuffle?” – is the headline on page 31 (for those who still read the newspaper) of this “authoritative and professional soccer medium” as it tried to justify their premature revelation about the imminent departure of Jabu Pule.

The club would like to put certain issues into perspective.

Kaizer Chiefs had not as yet received any offers and nothing concrete had been finalised on Pule’s trials with an overseas club. The timing for such a report was totally bad and as a matter of fact, we only received a call from Marseille on Tuesday.

We understand that newspapers are in the business of selling papers and there is no denying that Kaizer Chiefs is a major driving force in the news industry.

For the record, Kaizer Chiefs has no intention whatsoever to use the media to sell our players and has never had. We are a professionally run business entity that follow the right channels when making announcements.

What’s the point of telling the public that a player is leaving while knowing very well that no agreement has been reached? Imagine the embarrassment when the club that the player is supposed to join, comes out to say that they do not even have knowledge of such player.

We have stated from time to time that we do have effective mediums of communication (the PR department, website and Amakhosi magazine) through which our supporters will get authentic information.

If it’s not in any of these mediums, it’s not official. It is a fact that the public will be interested in knowing what goes on at Naturena but a little bit of research and accurate reporting would be in order.

The message from Chiefs head office to our supporters is that you shouldn’t buy into Sowetan’s reports on the club before checking facts with our communication mediums.

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