Chairman’s Christmas message to Chiefs supporters
Chairman’s Christmas message to Chiefs supporters

Posted in Chairman’s view, Features, News on Dec 25, 2023.

Christmas is a time of coming together, where most of us are privileged to enjoy some festive leisure time with our families and friends.

It is a time of giving too, and we really appreciate the early gift of three precious league points from Coach Cavin Johnson and the team on Saturday, a token of gratitude for your loyal support, for which we are forever grateful.

It is also a time to perhaps consider the bigger picture and spread the spirit of peace and goodwill around your neighbourhoods and communities, and embrace the unity of humanity that underpins the core message of this deeply meaningful festival.

Furthermore, it is a time to celebrate, and we hope you will all partake in joyous and hearty festivities. But, please remember to remain respectful and non-violent towards others.

Have a Blessed and happy day, and we look forward to seeing you in Polokwane on Saturday for our final match of the year.

On behalf of the Kaizer Chiefs Family, I wish the entire Khosi Nation a peaceful, Merry Christmas!

Love & Peace!

The Chairman

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