Chiefs at the training ground
Chiefs at the training ground

Posted in News on Jun 25, 2001.

Tunisia Day 3 - 26.10.01

wuzup guys

Sorry that am sending my update so late but got caught up in things.

Anyway there was no training this morning, so the guys slept until eight this morning and had breakfast at about nine. We then all took a walk on the beach, which turned out to be great fun!

The wheather is great and the team is in top form. Brian (Baloyi), Dr Phil Maepa, Stanton (Fredericks) and I played table tennis but unfortunately Brian and Phil won the game.

But we are organising a table tennis amongst ourself for tomorrow after the game, so I guess I have to tell them get away with it for now.

We had lunch at 13h00 and now the boys are resting before the training session at 17h00 at the stadium. In the meantime, the guys are busy with the PlayStation Fifa 2001 game. Doctor (Khumalo) has chosen the South African side while Cyril (Nzama) has gone for fthe Italians.

Cyril won the match, so now Brian and Justice (Sithole) are playing a game and the last I checked the score was still 1-all.

There's really not much to say today except that the boys are relaxed and having a ghood time while the officials visited the South African Embassy. We will be visiting the ambassador on Sunday at 17h00 after a visit to the city of Tunis.

The coach is cool and relaxed and everything seems under control, we are just all holding thumbs for tomorrow!

Love & Peace

Your correspondent


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