In touch with Naturena
In touch with Naturena

Posted in News on Feb 08, 2002.

Kaizer Chiefs team manager Bobby Motaung answers all your questions about the team.

1. It is high time that Chiefs should show Jabu Pule the door. Football is

not a one-man team and Jabu Pule believes that without him we won't win

anything. He is not a kid anymore that for every drinking spree the team

should always come after him and forgive him. He should choose between


and the team and any mistake from there he should be given his transfer


Sekake and Manyathi

We also feel the same way but Jabu is a human being who has a serious

problem and will need a lot of help and support to overcome that. We have


responsibility at hand to develop not only Jabu but also all our players.

It is very crucial how we deal with Jabu's problem. Whatever we do in our

approach, we might build or destroy the player, and it is definitely our

aim not to destroy the player. Not that we are giving him preferential treatment,


is an asset, and we want what it best for him and the club.

2. Why is the team performing so badly? Is the problem with the players or the technical team or both? Players are not showing any aggressiveness when on the field, what went wrong? The team is urgently in need of a formidable striker who can convert chances created and score goals. Does management consider buying any strikers before the end of the season or are we

waiting for the new season before you can do that.


Vincent Mashego

3. Is there racial tension within the club between coloured and black

players as it is rumoured?

Khosi 4 Life!

Victor Mathale

Thanks Vincent and Victor. It's not a problem with the players or the

technical staff and we definitely don't have a racial problem in the team.

This is the same team, which won a number of cups a couple of months ago, and nothing has changed. We are only going through a rough spell but hopefully things will improve soon.

4. As a Chiefs supporter, I would like to know how's the mood at the camp, rumours are flying that there's two groups at the camp...old players and new players, Guys I'm on your side but please try and come up with the solution.

Lydia Morabane

Lydia, there's nothing like that. The reality is that when the team is

playing badly, everyone tries to come up with excuses. We had a slump but I can assure you that the team is a unified as it was when we won all those trophies.

5. Just want to know what's happening with Lucky Maselesele not being

fielded, I feel lucky could have better than Phumlani on the game against Lidoda duvha on Saturday.

Thapelo Tshinaba

6. I just want to find out why you don't use Nhlanhla Mathebula when

Patrick Mbuthu is not available. Instead you use Gerald Sibeko.

Abram Kheswa

7. I am very much concern about Rodney Thobejane of warming the bench.

According to me Rodney is playing better than players such as Isaac,

Nhlanhla Kubeka and Goldstone, but he is always on bench, please give him chance you will see his best.

I know you might have some reasons for leaving him on bench, so can you give me such reasons?

The coach, players and management, my message to you is please do not

panic luck is not on our side. I wish everybody must not point finger to someone when we loose, the time will come.

Love and Peace!

Madimane Lesufi

8. Is Rodney Thobejane still on Chiefs planning for this coming year and years to come? I would like to know from the coach's perception regarding this! I'm not trying to be inquisitive, but this player is no longer warming up the bench he is staying there fulltime as I see things now!


Tumelo Kgame

9. This one goes to the coach and the technical team:

I have suggested to the coach via Putco that he uses Lucky Maselesele as a midfielder than a striker. Give him a free role especially in the absence of Pule behind the strikers. Mkhize also best performs in that area. As a striker, he has not done well at all. Give him a different role.

Mbulelo Kwali

I will respond the above questions, from 5 to 9, at once, as I believe

they all have one thing in common, which is concerns about certain players not being fielded.

We must all understand that the coach and his technical team always a

plan, which they must follow for each and every game. Sometimes players are left out because they are not on form and other due to injuries, which might not be known to the supporters at the time.

I believe that Rodney and Lucky were given a chance against Arrows. I do not like to single out players but I believe Kenny has given us the balance in the team and it's not fair to say he is always given preference.

To Kaizer Motaung

1. How possible is it for the Managing Director to relegate the head coach to the development side/reserves for the month of February, just to see if the problem is with him or the players. Farouk Khan can stand in as senior coach in the meantime but with the same technical staff.

I am sure Khan will have a new approach to the game given the fact that most of the players in the current squad worked under him as juniors.

Jabulani Fakude

Thanks Jabulani. It is a dream for everyone to see Farouk coaching the

first team but we must understand that he is as much part of Ertugral's technical team and has a valuable input in team tactics and game plans.

It is really not necessary to put Khan under the spotlight as we have a coach who is capable of achieving success with the team. When we won the four cups everyone was singing the praises of Muhsin but now that we are experiencing a slump, people a quickly forget what he has achieved.

We are very happy with what Muhsin has done so far and believe it's

important to give him all the necessary support. We would like to urge our supporters to do like wise and support our team despite the difficulties we are facing at present.

2. Ok Kaizer, we are in trouble now in terms of results I known that you are not part of selection of the team but you can see where our trouble areas are and I know that you are trying to find solution to them. I have seen our team failing to score now here is my question, why does Muhsin like Kenny Niemach so much that he does not give Luke Jukulile a chance as well and see what his got in the bag because he played well in the Mandela Cup?

Manadisi Nondzube

Again it is not fair to single out players as being responsible for the team 's failures. It is a team effort and we have to look at it that way. Kenny is an important member of the team and it's only unfortunate that he has not been able to score.

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