In Touch with Naturena
In Touch with Naturena

Posted in News on Feb 18, 2002.

Thanks to all those who sent questions and comments to our regular feature In Touch. Team manager Bobby Motaung has taken time out of his busy schedule to answer all your questions.

Hi Bobby

1. The team needs two proven goal scorers for further success. It is relying on midfielders to score goals. We have become predictable...close down Arthur on the wing and pack the middle. That is the strategy used against Chiefs nowadays.

Upfront we are not tricky, innovative or improvising when situation demands. As a striker you are measured by the number of goal attempts you make, the way you position yourself in the 18-area and your anticipation. The Manning Rangers strikers (Mushangazhike and Maluleke) have those qualities.

Are we going to see new faces upfront apart from the under-23 you have signed from Zimbabwe?

All the best for the future.

Dennis Dumisani Tango

Looking at the current crop of strikers I do not think it is necessary to go out in search of another finisher. We have enough quality strikers and the addition of Mushangazhike will definitely give us more options in that department.

The only problem is that we experienced a bad spell where our strikers could not put away the many chances created. That is something we will overcome with time.

A lot of people talk about consistency in the team and when the coach keeps the same team for longer periods, then we have others asking why certain players are not given a chance. The coach is definitely qualified and knows what he is doing.

2. I am deeply concerned about the way our guys are performing, I believe this has got out of hand and something needs to be done as soon as possible. I know the management will do something but please do it very quick. The situation is getting worse no improvement at all.

I believe in Kaizer Chiefs of which is my team since I was 11 years old I am 30 now.

Amakhosi abafana bokuthula noxolo!!!

Lucky Khumalo

Your concerns are noted Lucky but you must also realise that nobody wants to lose. The team always gives total commitment when on the field. It’s just that things did not go our way in the past couple of games.

3. Greetings onorando Motaung

Since the ides of March is around the corner and the strikers scoring boots still under the thread mill do you think we can pull an upset against Al Ahly? Sundowns were very good in the Champions league final but we don't have a squad as good as Sundowns arguably of course, only for them to be downed 3-0. Is Muhsin's contract going to be extended or what? Please you have to look at bringing in a midfield general since we are lacking on someone like Mnguni/Sibaya/Mngomeni/Du Pont if you get what I'm trying to say here.


Fikile Vilakazi

Thanks Fikile. The Super Cup is very important to us and the players will be ready for the challenge. Preparations for cup games are different from that of league matches. I am sure the players will be physically and mentally prepared in the Super Cup final.

4. What is your understanding of the word failure and what do you do with failures and have you failed in your campaign to win the league?

Mpengesi Wanga

It is important to stay calm at this stage. From your question, Mpengesi, I get the feeling that you are frustrated because the team is not winning as often as it should be.

We are all frustrated but it will not help to throw our hand in the air in disillusionment. We have to stick behind the team otherwise it will not be easy without our support.

Currently all teams are fighting for one title – the league – simply because we have swept the boards. It is unfortunate again that we keep on referring to our past successes because a lot of people seemed to have forgotten that.

5. Hi Bobby!

When Chiefs acquired the services of Ertugral all Chiefs supporters were looking forward to see this highly qualified mentor putting his theory into practice. It took him three seasons to build the team and we saw the fruit by winning three trophies within a space of two-three weeks, and we appreciate that.

For me and any other Chiefs staunch supporter you can collect 12 trophies if you want, but I think the league title is more important for the purposes of maintaining the dignity of the team and show other teams that we can compete with them. I do not see Ertugral bringing back that dignity to Naturena. He looks frustrated and confused and takes that out to players.

I would suggest that you start looking for a coach and don't forget Bondarenko as he has proved himself beyond any reasonable doubt.


Success does not come overnight and it is important to note that patience is also needed if you are to achieve you goals in football. Our consistency in the coaching department certainly proved us right.

We also need to understand and the efforts made by the coach and players to win those trophies. You certainly do not win three trophies by luck. Unfortunately we keep reminding supporters of what the team has already achieved because most of the people seem to have forgotten such success.

Yes the league championship is important and you do not win that overnight. It is a process that involves 34 matches and sometimes you do not have your best players as they are sidelined by injuries or bookings.

We do not have a problem with our coach and I do not think we will ever have a problem. He proved himself by winning trophies and promoting a number of youngsters. As for Bondarenko, why would we consider someone who is yet to prove himself? The man is currently having problems of his own and the less said about him the better.

6. Amakhosi Amahle!

Firstly, I would like to pledge my support to the Technical Team, especially the Coach Muhsin. The man has really done a lot for the Team though we are struggling a bit at the moment, especially after loosing to Cosmos. You know I hate loosing to that team. My question Bra Bobby is why don't we strengthen our defence by acquiring the services of Frank Schoeman. The man is without a team at the moment and I have a feeling that he will definitely do the job for us. I mean we are lacking at that department.

Secondly, please Mr Coach Doctor Khumalo in the middle of the park, then we will start collecting, Make NO mistake I do understand the game plan but I feel Mntungwa will deliver. Our finishing is also questionable.

Concerned Supporter

Joe Mathoko

Khosi as I have indicated earlier on, there’s no need for us to acquire new players. We have quality players and believe that all departments are well balanced. There are players from our development who are yet to feature for the first team. But as you know it is very important to slowly introduce them.

About tactics, I believe the coach knows what is best for the team and he always does what is best for the team. Doctor has a role to play in the team as you might have noticed that he is now in the technical team.

7. Hi, Mr Motaung, I like to congratulate you for your achievements and also on buying the good players.

My concern is that our beloved coach doest not know how to put the winning team, he should look back when he was winning the Coca-Cola, with that team he can beat any team, also Doc Khumalo is still strong, he can perform very well.

I wish my team a very successful year.

From Happy Nellmapius

It is wrong to say the coach doesn’t know how to put a winning team together. This is only coming up now that we are experiencing a bad spell. We still have confidence in the current team and the coach and believe they are capable of achieving great things in the league.

8. Dear Bobby

What do you say to us who feel that Muhsin has his favourites players that no matter their dismal performance they are always on the line up?

Do you still expect me to drive from Pretoria to watch same players who are failing to deliver game after game? There is no competition at Chiefs presently some players’ own positions, what are going to do to address this feeling among us supporters?

Lufuno Raliphada

9. I don't really blame players for not performing a good job. We must also look at our coach himself. He makes many mistakes when coming for replacement.

Against Cosmos, he replaced Macamo who gave the Cosmos problems. He is a good coach but he has little mistakes when coming for changes. We are in serious problem of losing points, please take action now not later and save the image of the Phefeni Boys.

Many Thanks

Love and Peace

Elias Makgatho

10. Why did the coach substitute Macamo? We were penetrating the left side of Cosmos nicely until that substitute.

Bobby I know you might not be able to answer my questions, but anyway how does the coach use Kannemeyer and Marco in the same game? If this is what we call technicality then I’m really lost. Please let the coach know that we rally behind him as supporters and expect an improved team as soon as possible.

Or does this mean he has run out of options? Because I don't think this is the future Chiefs.

For me the problematic department is not the strikers but the midfielders, so attend to it coach please.


Bafana aka khozi-4-life

Thanks Makhosi, all the questions have one thing in common and I will address them all at once. You might think that the coach has his favourites but that is not true. We have a big squad and competition is very tight.

The coach spends most of the time with these players at training and his selection is informed by what he sees at training. It is easy to criticise from the outside without knowing what is really happening behind the scene.

Muhsin always tries to do what is best for the team. Sometimes he makes substitutions that supporters might not understand but he knows what he is doing. Sometimes such changes to produce results and sometimes they don’t.

Our patience and love for the team is also tested at this stage. Some become disillusioned and turn their backs against the team because we are not winning and the minute our fortunes turnaround, they start rushing back.

11. Dear Mr Motaung

I am still very dedicated fan of the team but I have just two things that I would like to know.

Since it was Chiefs who started using youth in our team, I have realised that our strikers are no longer doing the job. Why is the coach not using those young boys who are hungry for success? Are there any plans for you guys to start strengthen our defence? I will always be Khosi 4 life but I am just afraid that we are starting to lose focus.

From Thabang

In Cape Town

Youth development is very crucial to us and we do not just produce players for reason. A number of players have been promoted to the first team and a lot of them are excelling.

Now, it won’t help us to bring in a lot of youngsters without the experience of seasoned campaigners. These youngsters still need the guidance of players like Thabo and Brian.

Regarding individual departments I have already indicated that the team is currently balanced and there’s no need to buy new players.

12. Greetings!!

I was one of the people who keep on saying the coach will turn things around, let’s give him a chance. I doubt if our coach will ever turn things around. He is human but some of his weaknesses are sickening.

Most of our games he like starting with one striker and that never worked. But he will always start with one striker. I would like to know till when are we supposed to give him a chance. Or are you waiting for Chiefs to be in the relegation zone then you will take a decision.

Maybe you need to inform us, why do you think he will turn the table and when is that. I think there are no more excuses now.

His favouritism is taking us back.


Thabo Johnson

13. I know that you are a team's manager you don't partake in a team selection.

But I would be very grateful if you could get the coach to clarify me on these issues:(1) Why does he normal play a defensive parten rather than offensively? In a game against Leopard for example, he played a 4-5-1 system. How does he expect to win games by being so defensive? Everybody could see that Jabu was not match fit, and yet he decided to play him ahead of Malatsi. (2) Why does he stick to Mooki even when is not doing well? (3) Why is he destroying Macamo, because even if the guy does well in one game and he'll find himself on the bench or substituted before halftime?

I 'm fully behind him as our coach, but he must stop favoritism on players and be braved and play hungry players not names


KK Nkabini

14. I would like to know what has gone wrong with our coach's tactical wisdom. Catching the opponents by surprise has won a number of games for him, but what happened on Tuesday against Cosmos was "criminal" (to quote a former Amakhosi coach).

No doubt Chiefs' left wing was giving Cosmos defenders a torrid time, thanks to the combination of Josias Macamo and Luke Jukulile. The two were just the striking partnership we've been missing in the past few games. They were combining well, and Macamo was, in my opinion, a candidate for a Man of the Match, had he continued with his play. Now, for the coach to replace him with Shaun Permall, I really feel was not a wise move.

If the aim was to bolster the attack, I think either Nhlanhla Mathebula or David Kannemeyer in the middle of the park should have been sacrificed, and partnered Luke Jukulile with Shaun Permall upfront, pulling Macamo a little behind them on the flank still. Both Mathebula and Kannemeyer were missing on the field in this half.

Concerned Khosi 4 Life

Thanks Makhosi, the above three questions also have some similarities. I have indicated earlier that it is easy to point fingers from outside. The coach is in charge and responsible for game tactics. There always a reason for everything you see on the field. He might start with one notable striker but in reality you will find that there are a number of offensive midfielders who will help attack.

15. Mandibulise Bhuti

Kunzima! We have the potential, but something is lacking. We were outplayed in that game. If anyone says that we played well and did not score goals. That is not good enough. Cosmos did exactly what Leopards did; they were first on the ball. Our midfield was just not competitive last night. Passes were not reaching the intended recipients and that put pressure on our defense.

We do not have a playmaker in Thabo Mooki anymore. He is no as effective as

I know him. Pule is scared to play, because he is still looking after the injury. Nhlanhla Mathebula is not ready for the job yet. He gave away a lot of ball possession. Yster must work much harder. Nzama is my man-of-the-match for last night. Cosmos were a unit and we were just not. We were always second on the ball and that gave Cosmos the game.

Macamo should have stayed a little longer to play the role he was playing. He is an excellent player to watch. The number 23 jersey and his runs compliment my tribute to Bhele. We could have won the game had we played as a team. Mr Ertugral, you now have nothing to lose. There is a say that goes; a coach is as good as his last game. In your case you are as good as what you still have to offer to Chiefs. The remaining games are very important.

Please consider playing Doctor, because our game is too fast and the guys receive balls unexpectedly. Lucky must play as a midfielder maybe he will do much better.

We need to slow our game a little bit so that players do not lose concentration at any stage of the game.

Khosi 4 Life!

Mbulelo Kwali

Thanks Mbulelo you have said a mouthful but this sound more like a comment rather than a question and rest assured, the coach does read these comments and questions.

16. To Bobby or Kaizer the team is starting to do well at the moment, but the is big problem that I see coming in the near future and that is that of players burning out. Let take A Zwane for an example he has be playing for the whole year and I hope you have a plan in place so that not all our players burn if so it should start taking place now. What is going on with regards to that?

Mandisi Nondzube

Yes you have a point khosi, but with the current squad I do not think we will experience that problem. We have enough players to help us overcome such a problem.

Khosi 4 Life!

Bobby Motaung

Kaizer Chiefs team manager

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