Leading by example
Leading by example

Posted in News on Feb 08, 2002.

By Vivian Casaletti

Following the soccer stampede at Ellis Park we have done everything possible to ensure that a similar incident does not occur again in future. Part of our efforts included an education campaign to remind supporters to buy tickets early.

We are, however very disappointed that some members of the media seem to ignore this clarion call to have parking tickets at stadium.

We were sadly let down by one journalist, Coudjoe Amankwa on Wednesday

prior to our game against Golden Arrows as he rocked up at the stadium without a parking ticket and was very uncooperative with the security when they explained to him what he already knew.

Journalists are required to collect their parking tickets at the Chiefs Village and Coudjoe has always done that but surprisingly on this occasion he never followed the same procedure.

But even after I had given him a parking ticket he did not show any

remorse as he kept on lashing out at the security and questioned their integrity saying Ellis Park would never host a World Cup match with people like those.

We believe we have the right systems in place to ensure proper crowd

control and safety at Ellis Park. No individuals are given special treatment. Even Kaizer Motaung and the Sports MEC also have to produce tickets to enter the stadium.

The same goes for our visiting teams. It is sad that Arrows felt they were treated badly as they were never issued with tickets. We always give our visiting teams tickets according to their needs and it is surprising that Arrows say we never looked after them in that regard.

The tickets were given to Vuka Khumalo, Marketing Manager of Golden Arrows, but the team, on arrival, denied knowing him or recieving any tickets. This is one of the many examples of unprofessionalism displayed by teams on arrival.

Unfortunately it is things like these that hamper South African soccer's drive to be recognised as a truely professional and properly managed sport.

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