Magnificent Kaizer Chiefs
Magnificent Kaizer Chiefs

Posted in News on Nov 24, 2001.

Kaizer Chiefs supporters have been hailed as the major force behind Amakhosi's 5-0 Coca-Cola Cup final victory against Jomo Cosmos on Saturday.

In the build-up to the final, Chiefs coach Muhsin Ertugral spoke about a surprise and many supporters would have been forgiven for thinking the surprise would come in the form of a new player or change of strategies on the field.

As it turned out, the multitudes of Amakhosi supporters were the real surprise Ertugral was talking about. Almost the entire stadium was a sea of black and gold with only a few sprinklings of Cosmos supporters here and there.

And once the game got underway, only one voice could be heard throughout the Soccer City and that inspired a lot of confidence for the Chiefs players.

"I think the stage was too big for the Cosmos players," said Chiefs managing director Kaizer Motaung after the match. "I am very excited and I think credit must go to the coach and the technical staff for the manner in which they planned for this game."

"Credit should also go to the players for the kind of character they showed. What also played to our advantage is the fact that the Cosmos players did not want to come forward and this is really what made the difference," said Motaung.

While Ertugral had a relatively easy task on the bench, his counterpart Jomo Sono looked like a man who had already given up hope.

The expression on the “Black Prince” at the beginning of the match and at the end of the first half could hardly inspire confidence in his players as he went about like a man who had conceded defeat long before the final whistle.

For Chiefs, the game marked yet another success in a very promising season following their BP Top Eight win earlier in the campaign.

Consistency in the coaching department and a strong belief in youth also count positively for Chiefs, who were playing their second cup final in as many weeks.

"A lot of people do not know what we do in the back room but today was a culmination of all the work that goes on behind the scene," said Motaung.

"We have had Muhsin for three years now and we have given him all the support he needs. We believe he has built a very young team that will be able to sustain the success of the team."

"I am very happy for our fans and I believe we owe it all to our supporters and the only way we can thank them is by winning trophies," said Motaung.

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