Mampara Cake!
Mampara Cake!

Posted in News on Dec 13, 2001.

Our delivery truck got stuck on its way from Angola and this week the Royal Family is in unison about our candidate for the cake.

Most of us agree that the cake should be delivered at SABC following their mundane vote poll question, which aimed to ridicule our slogan Operation Vat Alles.

The moemish who came up with the poll “Is Operation Vat Alles becoming operation vat net ‘n bitjie” - how ever they spell that, must have been hungry if not in a hurry to come up with something.

We have lost only two league matches and the league, our main target, is still a long way to go.

And to those who cast their votes, a piece of the Mampara Cake for you as well.

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