No need to panic - Kaizer Motaung
No need to panic - Kaizer Motaung

Posted in News on Jan 14, 2002.

The question of our recent performance is a topical issue, which concerns everyone at Kaizer Chiefs.

As management we are also concerned about the latest developments and we are trying very hard to find out what could be the problem.

It is a fact that we played three hectic finals in three weeks and that was too taxing for the players but they did very well to win those three cups. I believe it was an anti-climax to come straight from that and start playing league games.

I believe the team could have at least taken a weeks' break but that was not possible. But we continued with our league programmes and I believe we should have won some of the matches we lost.

Against Pirates we played great and exciting football but we did not create enough scoring chances and when we did create chances, we failed to convert them. Meanwhile, Pirates capitalised on their chances.

The worst we have played so far has to be the match against Classic and it was clear that the players were not in the right frame of mind.

Against Bush Bucks we played good football in the first half but again we could not convert our chances. And these are some of the indications that we have a new battle in our hands. We need to get the team psychologically ready and things will get back to normal.

As an effort on our part we had a good session for two hours with the players on Monday and highlighted to the players that all is not lost. We hope that after this session things will change.

We are only battling with a psychological warfare and once we have past this stage things will change.

We have not been taking our chances in front of goals and we have sometimes lost concentration at crucial stages of the game especially in defence. All we need right now is one victory and things get back to normal.

It is worrying that at this stage when things are not going well on the field some of our supporters start misbehaving. It was very disappointing to see how some of our supporters behaved after the Bush Bucks game. One understands that frustration starts to creep in particularly when your team is not winning.

There are those who are already putting the blame on coach and the technical staff or the players. It is very wrong to start apportioning blame at this stage lest we lose focus. Nobody wants to lose games. The coach, his technical staff and the players are doing their best to achieve positive results but the ball is just not rolling for us.

I believe we need to look at our shortfalls and start improving on that. I would like to pledge our supporters to be patient and stay positive.

Regarding questions about our participation in the Mandela Cup, so far we have registered our players as a precautionary measure. We still have to monitor the situation and see if it's in our interest to defend the title.

Finally, I must reiterate comments I made over the weekend about the appointment of Albert Mokoena as chief operations officer for Safa. I believe that it is not in the interest of South African football to appoint someone who is affiliated to one of the local clubs.

And I also believe that the Mega-Pro issue has not been dealt with correctly and something has to be done to resolve this matter for the interest of football in our country.

Let's get back to the stadium and start supporting our team and display the spirit of "Love and Peace". We are not out of the title race yet and there's no need to panic.

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