Operation Vat Alles off the field
Operation Vat Alles off the field

Posted in News on Mar 05, 2002.

Today Kaizer Chiefs announced their relationship with Jet Therapy. The therapy is a treatment administered through air massage to aid blood circulation. The speeding up of blood circulation results in rapid recovery of injuries.

Chiefs underwent a trial period of the system and are now ready to fully endorse the product.

"In soccer, as in all sports, injuries are major set backs. Recovery time of injured players affects the entire team," said Kaizer Chiefs MD Kaizer Motaung. "When we were first approached by Garth O’Conner, we had no idea about the product but after the very first session, we started seeing positive results."

This led to faster recovery and less time spent off the field of play.

"Recovery time is substantially reduced," said Garth O’Conner, MD and inventor of Jet Therapy. "This is thanks to the increased flow of blood to affected areas achieved through the unique air massage treatment that Jet Therapy offers."

Players such as Patrick Mabedi, Gary Goldstone, Marco Mthembu and Stanton Fredericks have all been treated and are extremely happy with the results.

Approved by the American FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Jet Therapy not only helps sportsmen suffering from fatigue, muscle stiffness and pain it also has many other beneficial uses.

It aids diabetics suffering from slow-healing ulcers, sufferers of arthritis, gout and other circulatory disorders. It helps the elderly who have circulatory problems due to inactivity, Paraplegics and quadriplegics suffering from pressure sores.

Jet Therapy also offers the successful treatment of cellulite, therapy for stress, detox programmes and even helps to reduce wrinkles. It is for these reasons that Jet Therapy is a success story Internationally. There are already clinics open in Cyprus, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Botswana.

Chiefs have been sponsored with a full Jet Therapy clinic set-up at the village. David Milner, Kaizer Chiefs physiotherapist has undergone training and is now fully trained to administer such therapy from the Chiefs village.

"I have seen excellent results from this system," said Milner. "The penetration to the muscle is extremely effective, and one could never achieve this through normal massage."

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