Pule comes back home
Pule comes back home

Posted in News on Sep 16, 2002.

Official statement - Putco Mafani (KC PRO)

We are delighted to announce that Jabu Pule finally came back. He came back earlier today on his own but he has not yet started training.

"Going AWOL is misconduct, and there are processes that must take place before he can start training, said club PRO Putco Mafani.

"I must say that we view all our players as key assets in our business operation and we have a responsibility to look after all our players' welfare and stability. And that is why we will go out of our way to help our players in times of trouble and need. Jabu Pule is no exception.

"All football lovers are troubled with the way things have gone with Jabu and we are relieved that he is back. Everyone's eyes are on us, as to what our next step is going to be. We are responsible to the country on how we are going to handle this issue and we are consulting broadly to step up systems that will get him professional help."

Finer details will only be released once all the necessary processes have taken place. Mafani said the DC only forms part of the bigger picture. "Jabu might have gone AWOL but we need to find out WHY, to ensure that something like this does not happen again in future.

"We are already looking at the facts that led to this kind of behaviour and get to the root of the problem while justice takes its course,"added Mafani.

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