Q&A with Lucky Maselesele
Q&A with Lucky Maselesele

Posted in News on Oct 01, 2002.

Kaizer Chiefs star Lucky Maselesele talks about the frustrations of warming the bench and his determination to fight for a regular place in the Amakhosi lineup. 'Romario' also promise supporters 10 goals this season.

Question: How does the coach treat you guys? Do you guys communicate well in the field?I know you are a life saver but wait for your turn don't lose hope. We will be there for you always. Thanks a lot keep it up lifesaver. - Petern

Answer: Thanks for your support Petern, but I don't want to be remembered as a lifesaver. I want to be remembered as a good striker.

Question: Eita Lucky, you have been doing go so far, where do you see your self in 5yrs time. – Mantura

Answer: With a family and playing for an overseas club, and Bafana Bafana.

Question: Lucky how do you feel as the coach is not using you as a regular striker. I say this because you are a lifesaver at Chiefs and they seem to use you during desperate times. Don't you think your career is at stand still here? - Chris1

Answer: Yes it true what you just said. I truly feel the same way. It sometimes put me on pressure. No it not on the stand still, all I need is a chance to play... or I will have to move to another team where I will be fielded regularly.

Question: Bra Lucky did you get to play for the national team while in Iran 2 weeks back? Don’t u want to play overseas? Apparently Paul Dolezar wanted to sell u to Milan in Italy but Kaizer Motaung stopped him. Where u not disappointed? Finally, you are a good player but beware of wasting your talent at the Chiefs bench. - Manyora-Ke-Taba

Answer: Yes I did play in Iran on both games and it was a great experience for me. I just wish I could get more opportunities to play for the national team. Yes i would like to play overseas after I have proved myself at KC.

Question: Lucky I would like to encourage u to work very hard this season and prove to everyone that you are a talented player and that people should stop regarding u as a fridge or a young player. I think you've matured enough to be given more responsibilities as player because I think you're ready to prove yourself. - Dean1

Answer: Thank you Dean for believing in me you have made my day. I will keep on working hard.

Question: Lucky Maselesele… Imagine you are the coach of KC right now, what would be your starting line up? [Note this is just an example of showing competitiveness amongst players, don't no comment us) What would you say is the weakness with the current team, if any??? Why are most goals scored by the mid-fielders?? - Magnet

Answer: We have good players at KC, the starting line would depend on the squad i have. At the moment we just concentrate on winning the league and the Coca-cola cup. As a striker it's not all about scoring goals, we also have to create goals, that when mid-fielders score.

Question: Hi Lucky!!! Since the NSL changed to PSL Kaizer Chiefs have not won the league, what do you think the coach must do to take the league title to Naturena? The reason why I am asking you this question is because the coach mentioned that this season his looking forward to the league title.

You as players can tell us what’s motivates you and your potential at this moment. Amakhosi is the most professional team in the PSL but league hungry. Just do it for us as supporters of Mighty Kaizer Chiefs. I hope you guys are training very hard to win the league this season. The last thing, but not the least, I just wanted to conclude by saying that you must realise that we are missing the league title and with the type of players Kaizer Chiefs you can do it this season. See Ya later. - Phumudzo

Answer: We are working hard at training, as we want to win the league this year.

Question: Lucky Stalliano how many goals do you promise me this season? Do you think Musasa was a good buy, considering all the talent we have here in the country? - MAMZA.

Answer: If I do get a chance to play this season, as a striker i have to score a minimum of 10 goals. Yes Mamza, I now I can do it, given a chance to play.

Question: Team spirit… Hola Lucky, how is the team spirit among the guys in the camp. Looking to our performance in the moment how far can we go in the coca-cola cup games as the defending Champions. – SIYA.

Answer: The team spirit at camp is fine we just want to concentrate on wining. Definitely we want to win the Coca-Cola Cup.

Question: Big headed? Lucky, what do you make of some section of the media who label you big headed. It’s been said that when you were loaned to small clubs like Rangers u did well for them but come to Chiefs you excel first few games and your form declines. Well for me I think you are not given a fair chance to prove yourself, keep well mfethu. - Japhta

Answer: Yes it is true i do start very well, but end up being put on the bench. I can't do anything about it, only the coach knows. Thanks for your support.

Question: Romario , thanks for sharing this time with us. Romario what are your goals this season - individually as well as a team. Are you guys hungry just like us, I wish u great season and this should be your season. - Mafiswana

Answer: Thanks for you words of encouragement Mafiswana. To win the league and be the best player that I can be and also to play more regularly with the team. As for the team we want to win league and other cup competitions.

Question: Why are you so scarce in the team these days? - ck

Answer: We have only played two games, there are still more games to follow.

Question: Mr Maselesele don’t you think Muhsin is favouring Justice Sithole ahead of other up and coming youngsters at Chiefs? - Manyora-Ke-Taba

Answer: The coach does what is best for the team. I respect his decision.

Question: How would you summarise things in the camp, are you guys perhaps affected by Pule's absence or maybe there are other issues that you guys are unhappy about at the moment? WE as fans think players don't want Muhsin anymore? Could this be true? - Mabures

Answer: We haven't played lots of games without Jabu and yes we do miss his company. Things are fine at the moment; all we need is your support. I can’t comment on the coach.

Question: Heita, Maselesele! I just want to understand your view regarding Chiefs' failure in scoring goals. Don't we have strikers or what? If chiefs can score goals, it can win the league. What is the problem? - Aluken

Answer: We do have strikers, it just a matter of fielding the right combination. We are training very hard. It’s still early to tell.

Question: Lucky are you satisfied at KC? You played less last year. - Phuthego

Answer: Yes I am satisfied. I am prepared to play more this year. But it also has to depend on the coach.

Question: Looking at all the games played so far… Who are your three top teams that can really challenge for the title? Surely, with the way things are going you cannot count Amakhosi (Tshwene ga e te bone seriba e le sa yona).

My 3 teams are the ass-teams Sundowns, SuperSport, Santos because they are already stable and very competitive. But, with you guys are still looking for the right combinations, rhythm, etc. - Khabza

Answer: I cannot comment.

Question: How's it my brother. I want to know how do you guys feel about Jabu Pule behaviour, is it affecting you. Why do think make u play second fiddle to the likes of Sitholes, because I think u are better player, the goal against Pirates in Telkom is proof of that. - Mafiswana

Question: Why are you not a regular even at this time of your career. What’s up? - Mabures

Answer: Sometimes in life things don't go the way you plan, but in most cases good thing s come to those who wait.

Question: Lucky, why aren’t you boys performing? - snhlebeya

Answer: It still early to start commenting. The season is still long, we still preparing and the coach is trying new ideas that will suit all the players.

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