When we need you most - Muhsin Ertugral
When we need you most - Muhsin Ertugral

Posted in News on Jan 14, 2002.

Firstly I am very disappointed with our supporters. When the team wins everyone is happy but the moment we start losing everyone turns against us without even analysing what could be the problem.

Despite recent results I am very proud of my team. We have assembled one of the best squads with a number of youngsters to sustain the success of the club in years to come and it’s not easy to get to that stage.

The boys have done tremendously well and no one has given them credit for that. Winning four trophies in six months is not an easy task. We are the second team in the world, after Liverpool, to achieve such success yet there are some supporters who fail to see that.

Yes, the priority is to win the league. But it is not easy to win all the games especially after what we have been through in the past competitions.

We have constantly said the team was tired after the Mandela Cup and the Coca-Cola Cup and that was not an excuse. The boys were mentally tired and we had a number of injuries and bookings, which made our task even tougher.

But today our supporters seem to have forgotten what the team has achieved with very limited resources.

Our supporters in Johannesburg have not been very positive and

understanding. When the team is not doing well we do not need to see

supporters calling for substitutions or shouting at players, as it does not help us in any way. Instead, it makes things even difficult for us as the players start losing concentration due to such actions.

We need to support our team through thick and thin. What kind of supporters would only support the team when it’s only winning?

What kind of supporters would start turning against the team when it’s not performing? If I didn't know what I was doing I would not be sitting on the Kaizer Chiefs bench. The chairman of the club also knows what he is doing and he wouldn't allow that.

We have a battle ahead of us as we try to lift the championship but we will not succeed if our own supporters turn their backs against us simply because we are going through a rough patch.

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