Kaizer Motaung opinion on PSL appointments
Kaizer Motaung opinion on PSL appointments

Posted in News on Jan 28, 2001.

Following the decision by the board of Governors regarding the appointment of the representatives of the NSL to serve on the Safa executive committee for the new term of office, which was followed by a hullabaloo as a result of my exclusion there from. I wish to make the following comments;

It is the democratic right of the board members to appoint whomever they so wish. I have no qualms about that and I support the principle.

I believe that I’ve served football all my life, first as a player, secondly as a coach and now as an administrator with distinction. Therefore when the time comes for one to give others a chance then that process has to be allowed to prevail and I accept that.

However it is interesting to note that the board of governors meeting was set for the 27th of September, at which meeting I would’ve expected the matter to be on the agenda.

Surprisingly another meeting was called on the 20th of September, which I unfortunately was unable to attend and I’m therefore not in a position to elaborate on the process followed in dealing with this matter.

Let me correct a statement that appeared in one of the daily newspapers that referred to me as having said, “ Safa is run by a clique”.

The correct version of what I said is in fact that Safa is run by a small committee called an emergency committee which in my view has assumed executive powers and as such the executive committee merely endorses decisions already made and executed. This scenario also applies to most of the sub- committees.

The clique referred to in the previously mentioned article was in reference to the board of governors as I was not surprised with the developments that took place at the meeting held on the 20th of September.

Within the board of governors, it is a fact that there are cliques. In some instances there are no rationalities in dealing with some of the issues raised. It merely becomes an issue of supporting a particular group. You either belong to a clique or you are a neutral person or you hold a different view altogether.

As much as it might sound like sour grapes I feel quite relieved, not having to shoulder much of the blame as one of the Safa executive members over matters that I have no control over whenever anything is perceived to be wrong. I therefore have no regrets.

I am proud to say that my loyal service to Safa to date was not for personal gain but for the best interest of the game and as such records will show that I made no financials claims for attending meetings, as is the norm.

History will bare testimony to my contribution to South African Football over the years and I will continue so in the future. Hopefully the space created for me now will allow me to focus more on Kaizer Chiefs and its future development.

I wish the new Safa Executive all the best in their endeavors to steer the ship forward.

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