It is a special day - Chairman
It is a special day - Chairman

Posted in Features, News on Jan 07, 2019.

“We are glad to celebrate another milestone in the history of the Club,” said the Chairman Kaizer Motaung on the 49th Anniversary since the formation of Kaizer Chiefs.

“This is an unequalled moment in any formation. This day is never the same considering its magnitude. It is a special day. It is not easy to reach this age and for this I’m grateful.”

Amakhosi as affectionately known, Kaizer Chiefs is a pride to many in South Africa and around the world. “It is an ongoing process of working every day to maintain and develop the brand in this fast-paced time. The supporters are our inspiration. Their support is invaluable and makes this brand stand the test of time. We are always indebted to them.”

Amakhosi are arguably the best supported club in the country. “Today we draw inspiration from the founding fathers,” Motaung paid tribute to his fellow founders of the Club some of whom have since passed on. “The Club is where it is today because we are standing on the shoulders of giants. I wish to take this opportunity to thank them all for their input at the foundation and development of the Club.”

Kaizer Chiefs were founded in January 1970 shortly after the return of Kaizer "Chincha Guluva" Motaung from the United States where he played as a striker for the Atlanta Chiefs of the North American Soccer League (NASL).

In his birthday message, “I wish Kaizer Chiefs in its entirety a happy birthday,” In his humility and modesty, the Chairman said. “I’m blessed to be part of this journey. I appreciate the support and most of all Glory be to God for giving me the strength and health to carry on.”

The day will be marked with a cake cutting ceremony by the Team and staff on Monday afternoon.

As January is our birthday month, celebrations will continue throughout the month and we will continue receiving messages from our family of millions.




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