Mampara cake!
Mampara cake!

Posted in News on Dec 06, 2001.

So many contenders for our Mamapara of the week. A lot of you have suggested a number of worthy candidates and I cannot agree more with you. But one Mamapara kept on asking for attention that it became so difficult to ignore him!

And for this week the Mamapara cake goes across the boards to someone who bitterly tried to sour African glory this past weekend.

Inter Luanda coach Oliviera Gonclaves, speaking through an interpreter, complaint endlessly in front of stunned SA journalists of how the referee had given a penalty which was not legit.

"We could have won the match had it not been for the referee," Gonclaves’ excuse.

Perhaps our Angolan friends seemed to have forgotten about the important away goal we scored despite their shenanigans in trying to derail us.

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