Up close and personal with Pule
Up close and personal with Pule

Posted in News on Dec 18, 2001.

Kaizer Chiefs midfield sensation Jabu Pule was recently blessed with a baby boy and he says being a father has turned his life around. Everything he does he thinks about his son and wants to live a lasting impression and be a good role model.

Congratulations for winning the Coca-Cola Cup Goal of the Tournament and Player of the Tournament awards.

Thanks, you know I was so excited and what made this even so special is the fact that it came unexpectedly. As you know I was recently blessed with a baby boy and I dedicated that goal against Manning Rangers to him.

Was the goal against Rangers, which was judged the goal of the tournament in the Coca-Cola Cup, your best effort or was it the two against Jomo Cosmos in the final?

It has to be the one against Rangers. My son was born on Wednesday before the game and I felt I had to do something special for him. Initially I planned to write something on my t-shirt for display after scoring a goal but I never got to that.

The two goals in the final are also special in a different way. To score two goals in the final is not an easy task and I wished my son could see that.

You are a natural midfielder but coach Muhsin Ertugral has been playing you as a striker, do you enjoy the new role?

I never imagined I could one day play as a striker. Maybe the coach realised that I have potential to play as a striker. And that does not really bother me. I am a professional and I will do whatever I am required to.

Playing in a different role has in a way helped to improve my game and this means I also have more chances when it comes to team selection. If I cannot be used as a striker there will always be a place for me as a midfielder.

Lately you have been reluctant to give media interviews, is it because you are portrayed in a bad light or you simply don’t want to talk about your background in public?

Following that sad incident and what I went through afterwards I felt I needed to keep a low profile and let my feet do the talking on the field. I spoke to the team manager Bobby Motaung about my position regarding media interviews and he gave me his support.

But I know the media also have a duty to inform their readers. This is a difficult time for me and I hope they understand.

Kaizer Motaung has played a key role in helping you turn your life and career around...

I will always be grateful to Mr Motaung and I have a great respect for him. I want to thank him a lot for the support he has given me. I do not want to talk bad about other teams but I believe many would have never been as understanding as Chiefs, and Mr Motaung in particular.

During that difficult period, I almost spoke to Mr Motaung on a daily basis as he tried to understand what was bothering me and he was very supportive. And the one thing I thought to myself was that I could never let him and the club down again.

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