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Posted in News on Apr 15, 2001.

I am writing this a few hours after our impressive win over Manning Rangers in the league game at Ellis Park, and for those who still don’t know what happened, we beat Rangers 3-2, in what was our second consecutive win against the Clive Barker boys having defeated them 3-1 in the quarterfinal of the Coca-Cola Cup.

I have to give to the boys, especially the youngsters, they played an outstanding game and it made me really proud watching them perform the way they did. However, I think we still have some work to do, especially as far as concentration is concerned.

The guys played brilliantly for the most part of the game but somehow lost a bit of concentration towards the end, hence Rangers managed to stage a come-back and scored two goals.

I think it is a mental thing, the guys were a bit too sure that they had won the game, especially having scored three goals in the first half. But that is something they will have to learn that a game is not won until the final whistle.

With a performance like that, especially from the youngsters and with most of the regular players sitting on the bench, I have no doubt that we will definitely win the league this season, so long as we remain level headed and take every game serious.

We are already in two cup finals, the Coca-Cola Cup and the Mandela Cup, and our mission is to win those and go on to win more honours including the league title.

I must say, competition is really tough amongst the Chiefs players and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s healthy competition.

If you are a football fan, you should know that great teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester United strive on this kind of competition, it keeps everyone on their toes.

As much as everyone wants to prove their worth, they are really enjoying themselves as well. I don’t think there is anybody who wouldn’t because the team is currently playing great and entertaining football and the spirit is very high. I hate to brag but other teams and their fans are aware of our performance and, as much as they would hate to admit, they are proud of us.

The win against Rangers took us to position three on the league table having played eight games, three less than log leaders Moroka Swallows, who have played eleven games so far, so you can image how confident the players must be feeling at the moment.

It is only a matter of time until we take over the number one position and I am hoping when that time comes, we will take over the position for good.

I am particularly pleased with the combination of my two strikers, Kenny Niemach and Shaun Permall. The two are starting to complement each other on the field and that could only be to the team’s advantage.

They are working towards becoming the best striking combination in the country and I hope none of them, or any of my players, get injured now because that would only disturb the team’s rhythm.

I think Shaun (Permall) at 20, is one of the best strikers in the country and he is getting better with each game that he plays. I foresee a great future for this youngster and I am just hoping that the national selectors have noticed this incredible talent.

Overall, I am really happy with the team’s performance and like I said before, we can realise our dream of winning the league if we stay focused and not become over confident and think that we are invincible.

Once again I would to thank the fans for their support and at the same time plea with you to please come to the game early. It is important for the players not to get disturbed mentally ahead of a game. Coming in late has a negative effect on the players because they tend to get a bit disturbed.

Once again thanks a lot for the support and please don’t let it stop there because this is your team and we really appreciated your input, therefore we will try our utmost not to let you down.

Love and Peace!

Muhsin Ertugral

Kiazer Chiefs coach

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